With a teaching experience of 24 years, we have come up with our product “Eklavya”-year long subjective test series for students of Class 10th based on CBSE board pattern. Our test series focusses on enhancing examination skills of a student and provide them with an edge to succeed in examination. It consists of chapter wise tests for subjects Mathematics and Science (Physics/Chemistry/Biology), along with complete mock tests for Mathematics and Science.This programme is open for all the students of Class 10th (CBSE), studying in Bhopal.

Key Features -

  • 1. Chapter wise tests of Mathematics and Science

    This will help a student to cover and prepare each chapter thoroughly and help him/her analyze the preparation of the topic.

  • 2. Mock test

    Complete test of mathematics and science based on CBSE board pattern

  • 3. Customization of test syllabus as per student’s preparation

    Student can select the chapters at least a week prior when test is schedule.

  • 4. Detailed analysis of answer sheet along with solution set

    Answer sheet of student will be analyzed on different parameters which will help student in improving their examination skills. Solution set given will help a student to improve their mistake.

  • 5. Will help you learn time management & will help boost your writing skills

    As we know that time management & writing is the most essential part of subjective tests. Master of both these skills is already half-way across the finish line. Our test series will make student efficient in utilizing the time and also improve writing skills , so that they can score good marks in exams even if the paper is lengthy.

  • 6. Bi-monthly assessment reports

    Assessment plays a vital part in achieving academic success and we at SSDC are devoted to solve each and every hurdle coming in student’s way of improvement. Detailed hard copy of Assessment comprising graphical representation helps us to give personalized solution of problem to each and every student. With this feature parents can also understand on which part improvement needs to be done.

  • 7. Workshops & Seminars

    Workshops taken by team SSDC focuses on problems related to exam. These workshops will help them overcome their hurdles and will change their perspective towards examination. Motivational seminars to make students realize their potential and become confident will help students to overcome exam fear.

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