With 27+ years of established expertise in providing quality education to students, we strive to create a launch-pad to propel students’ success.

The Challenges


  • Is my child progressing?
  • Specific areas of improvement?
  • Not enough time?
  • Can someone tell me where my child stands?


  • How to – improve solution presentation
  • Plan for preparation?
  • Access quality material

Our Digital Offerings

Our extensive experience and our in-depth understanding of the needs of students come together to bring you products that answer to key challenges students face.

Gyaanoday Videos


Access the knowledge through videos

Gyaanoday Vaahini

Study material

Access a wealth of knowledge.


Focus your preparation!

Monitor your student’s preparation

(Access the knowledge through videos)

Welcome to our section on digital learning modules!
With the need for ensuring you are able to access learning no matter where you are, we bring our classes to your home via these video lectures.
You will learn just as you would in the class - with the same in-depth exploration of each subject, but from the comfort of your own home. Access the digital learning modules to keep furthering yourself in your learning journey.

(Study Material – Access a wealth of knowledge)

Gyaanoday Vahini Program has been put together to give distant students a competitive advantage by giving them access to our intensive and comprehensive study material. Every topic in each chapter is covered in detail with supporting resources available to the students to fortify their preparation.

Eklavya Objective Test

Focus your preparation! This analysis tool helps you monitor your student’s preparation with the help of our evaluation analysis.

How – This objective type evaluation product focuses preparation over 3 stages of evaluations with increasing degree of challenge in questions. Upon completion of an evaluation, a report is generated.

The report contains an analysis of the student’s performance on 4 parameters

  1. Conceptual grasp of a topic (Basics)
  2. Clarity of a topic (application of concept)
  3. Speed of responses
  4. Accuacy
With the help of this report, parents and students can have a view on which area of preparation needs to be focused on.

Eklavya Subjective Test

Champion your own success! The test series focuses on the subjective type evaluations and analyses the student’s approach towards writing their answers.

The test series focuses on evaluation of students of 8th, 9th, 10th standard as per the CBSE curriculum.
4 subjects covered - Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

The answers written by the students will be analyzed on a number of aspects which vary as per the subject. For instance, in Mathematics, when a student writes out a solution, we will focus on aspects like – calculative assessment, step-wise progression, figure insertions as well as minute details like whether a student mentions ‘given’, ‘to prove’ all of which contribute to marking. This year long module will be conducted through various tests. By intensively covering each topic, the test series will prepare students for examinations. A report providing students with scores along with an analysis of their answers will then be generated. This report will then be compared with the next test’s analysis and will hence give a clear picture of the student’s preparation.