Our journey started with one student in 1993, envisioned to become a recognized center of real education and urge to do something tremendous. For it is God's grace that favoring us that we experience abundant love and blessings. It is his benevolence that actualizes benefit of his people. We experienced the same right from the very inception. Our Gurudevji Samarth Sadguru Shri Saidas Baba Ji embraced us with divine grace and showered his blessings.

With our first year of excellent result, gradually the number of students augmented to seek quality education. With sheer hard work, SSDC got its major boost in 2002 when a student "Jasmine Gujral" secured All India 2nd Rank in 10th CBSE since then there was no looking back and we strived to define new parameters of success every year. SSDC surpassed other institutions by setting an example of breaking its own record of giving the highest number of Toppers, Scholars, highest no. of students improving their results year after year in the history of real education in Bhopal.

Our students go through a unique process of evolution in a cradle that nurtures ethics, human values, also inculcates discipline, determination, dedication, empowers one with knowledge, competitive skills, makes them realise the importance of gratitude and imparts into them down to earth attitude, grooming their personality in every possible way to make a perfect blend of success.

With a background of 26 years of experience, faith, excellence. Shri Saidas Classes has been functioning successfully and bringing forth remarkable results in the history of 9th and 10th CBSE and Competitive exams. SSDC today contributes towards the high standards of academic governance and has been amongst the top coaching institute in the city to have offered a high standard of education to its students by building up a solid foundation to excel not only in 9th & 10th but also by providing them right platform taking into consideration their future requirements to make them well deft to prepare the skill set making it feasible for them to achieve important positions in their desired field of work.

Our Guiding Values

Divine Grace and Gratitute - To accept the opportunity to serve students as a divine grace bestowed upon us to help us contribute to nation building. To instill in all students whose life we touch, gratitude towards divine grace.

Progressive - We believe that improvement has to be continuous and ongoing. We therefore stay rest less to improve and relentlessly pursue positive change.

Trust - We are committed to generating trust and credibility through our extensive experience, knowledge and expertise.

Hope - We believe each child is unique in their potential and each one can achieve success. We believe in developing faith in students' in their Own abilities.

Strong Moral Compass - In keeping with the traditional role of a Guru,We at e at SSDC strive to instill in students a strong Moral cornpass by coaching and mentoring them regularly on aspects other than acaden1ics alone. We allow ourselves also to be guided by strong moral values.

Professional Integrity - We Believe that 'Work is worship and duty is God'At SSDC, we put our heart and soul into serving students and ensuring quality education. We have zero tolerance towards any compromise in professional.

“The spirit of excellence that has founded SSDC will remain the driving force to go miles and miles on. We devote this Golden journey of success, grandeur and phenomenal progress in the divine feet of Gurudevji Samarth Sadguru Shri Saidas Baba Ji.”