From Director's Desk

Dear Students,

You are fortunate to be born in an era of immense competition and in an emerging economy like India where ‘Education’ is treated as the most essential aspect of a child’s life.

Education is not just about learning things and solving problems, but is actually a process to acquire an ‘Ethical Consciousness’ on the basis of that learning. When a person develops this consciousness in its entirety, and is prepared in all respects to face whatever curveball life throws at them, be it academic examinations or tormenting life situations, then only a person can be called as 'Educated' in true senses.

Ever since its inception, Shri Saidas Classes is known not only for its quality education and great results, but also for the values that students are instilled with when they become a part of the SSDC family. We believe it is these values that give a solid foundation to a student for their future. At SSDC we aim at building a solid foundation for the students of 8th,9th & 10th Class. We are committed to impart our valuable knowledge to all students who join us, helping them in its comprehension and application of the knowledge at its best.

Without having to say much, our results speak volumes about the mission, we are headed towards. Come, be a part of this journey, building a solid foundation for your future along with ethics and values.